About me


In the world of oriental rug from 1994 and since then the antique rugs , tribal rugs , kilims and bags continued to fascinate me irresistibly as if it were the first time. At age 21 I started traveling in the East and to collect carpets. I started from Morocco and from there I started to collect tribal carpets, textiles and kilims. I’ve repeatedly visited Morocco from 2001 to 2006 at least four times a year. In 2006 I started working in Afghanistan with a study on the so-called ” war rugs “. I went to Afghanistan, in the cities of Herat and Kabul . In 2008 I went to Iran and Turkey. In 2010 continue my travels to Afghanistan for the audio visual project “Inside Kabul” and in 2012, still in Kabul as International Marketing Director for Afghana Carpet Company. The passion and the research led me to collect a series of oriental artefacts from around the world, attend international exhibitions and fairs in Hanover, Kabul, Berlin, London and Sartirana Textile Show. . Welcome to the my web site where the carpet will be for all the fans the means to travel, the tale to tell, the study to be carried out .